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Hellboy Progress, Patching

July 14, 2008

Here is how Hellboy is looking so far. I patched him up a little more this morning, and I think he is just about ready to be painted now.

Sometimes after I bake and prime a sculpture, I decide there are things I want to change. I add mass and fill in blemishes using something called SculpEpox. Those are the white spots you see on these photos. It’s a two part epoxy putty that hardens rock solid. You can use water to smooth it out while it is still pliable. It’s just as easily primed and painted as Sculpey is. I use this stuff too if I ever break a sculpture and there is a hairline crack. Just use a little water and it will spread right into the crack. Pretty neat stuff. I buy it here Van Dykes Taxidermy.