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Book Review : I’d Rather Be in the Studio

June 13, 2009

I’d Rather Be in the Studio! Buy it on

I recently picked up this book as it had great reviews on It covers every aspect of marketing yourself as an artist. Though I already do a lot of what is covered in the book (much of it more recently), I picked up some better ways to go about the things I do. There were also some subjects I had never taken into consideration. I’ve always had problems with selling myself and properly expressing to others what I do. This book has given me more self confidence in self promotion. With Comic-Con coming up, that is definitely a good thing!

This book goes over goal setting and organization, writing effective artist statements/bios, public speaking, portfolio creation, online promotion (very up to date!), newsletters, communication, the media, community involvement, and money saving tips. It is a great book for any one starting out as a freelance artist, or for one that has been doing it for a while. Even if you think you know it all, it’s a worthwhile read for sure! It dispels all the excuses artists gives for not putting their name out there in every way available.