About Emily

I have been sculpting since 2001, and have been involved with some form of art most all my life. I have always had a love for fantastic creatures and draw most of my inspiration from wildlife and nature. I very much enjoy designing my own creatures, from concept to finished sculpture.

I live in Orlando, Florida. I am presently employed at Full Sail University in the Computer Animation Department where I teach traditional art. I also do freelance sculpture work and am currently writing a book on getting started in sculpture. I am also developing my 3D modeling skills using zBrush and Maya.

For the most part, I am a self taught artist. I graduated in 2000 with a degree in Digital Media and decided it wasn’t the field for me. I learned what I know mostly from anatomy books. I’ve developed a lot of my own techniques over the years and have borrowed many from an array of talented sculptors.

I work mainly with Sculpey products, but also use castilene wax for some projects. I make my own molds and casts and hand paint all of my own pieces.

While I no longer take private commissions, I am available for commercial freelance projects.



  1. it’s great to be able to follow your artistic progress once more!! this site is neat, and i like how you’ve set it up. i’ll be following along eagerly 🙂

    p.s. i miss you so much!! i hope we can see each other again soon.. somehow!

  2. i am so amazed how much your art has changed, and i got to watch you transform through it all, which makes me very proud. i hope one day i can be as passionate and talented as you. i love you! 🙂 -s.

  3. It’s weird; I really never spoke much with you, never really had much to say. But I’ve watched your art transform ever since I found it on AOL download boards when I was…fourteen? It’s been ages. You’re an artist I have enjoyed watching grow and improve and change. Never stop.

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