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Tumblr and Monsters

June 12, 2012

I have a new account over on Tumblr. Come visit me at I will be posting many of my work in progress updates there. I will still be using this blog, but for bigger news and announcements.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to add me on Facebook ( I am also regular on Twitter (

One more bit of news for this week, I just paid for my table and am happy to announce that I will be returning to Monsterpalooza next year! I am looking forward to it already. I am also hoping to add another convention/show or two under my belt; I am keeping my eyes peeled.


New Works and a Poll Too

June 4, 2012

Sorry about skipping last week. I think the holiday weekend threw me off!

Here are the painted versions of the sculptures I showed in my last post as well as some new MLP sculptures.

I am currently running a poll over on my deviantArt page. Check it out and add your opinion about what you would like to see in an upcoming tutorial series I am planning. Some of you may remember the book I was writing several years ago. This is going to be a replacement for that of sorts. I will be posting many free basic tutorials online which will later be compiled and printed in book format. There will also be plenty of extras in the printed book that won’t be available online.