Times Are a Changin’

April 3, 2012

Many things are changing for me right now. My husband got a new job in Washington DC and we will be relocating there in several weeks. This means leaving my current job at Full Sail which I’ve held for five and a half years. It is a welcome change (aside from the fact that we have to leave Florida to do so) but of course very scary, especially since I don’t have a new job lined up just yet. However, I am hoping to have some more time to work on my art for a little while. This means commissions and more sculpture sales in the near future!

I am also hoping to start updating this blog weekly, with what I am currently working on. Once again I’ve fallen into the habit of neglecting this blog! Some updates will be bigger than others, but I am hoping to have something artistic to share every Monday.

Just a few plugs before I share what I am working on this week. I will be at Monsterpalooza next weekend in the dealer’s hall. I am at booth 27 and will have several things for sale including buttons, mini sculptures, a few originals, and my brand new tree dragon busts. Please stop by and say hello if you are planning on attending.

If you haven’t been by my Etsy store, head over there and check out what I have for sale. I am selling off a lot of my old convention stock, most (if not all) of which will never be produced again. I have already sold out of a few things so buy yours now before they are all gone!

Now onto this weeks art! I have been working with a lot of low poly modeling and hand painted textures lately. If you click over to my website, you can see several recent examples. I am trying to branch out into different techniques as well as subject matter. I picked my Parrot Island series back up and am getting around to texturing calvin now.

There he is inside Maya! I did the textures 90% in 3D Coat, 10% in Photoshop. I am now in the process of texturing his accessories. I will then be matching the pose that you see in the side bar in the image below.

Hoping to finish this up by the end of the week. Then it’s on to his toucan counterpart!


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