More Cockatoo and Taxidermy Bust Progress

September 11, 2011

I’ve been working hard on both of these projects! While both are now finished, I will not be posting finished photos until my gallery opening this Thursday night. If you are in the Orlando area, come out to City Arts Factory (Downtown on the corner of Orange and Pine) to see both of these pieces in person!

The cockatoo has a moving jaw that looks awesome as well as lights along his sides. I used glass pellets for the lights. His structure is very similar to the toucan, only my husband did the wiring before I sculpted this time. It made things a lot easier! Look for more robotics from us in the future. we are hoping to advance with each project.

The taxidermy bust looks great! He has been airbrushed since these photos and has shotgun shells for eyes. I placed the fur in 13 pieces, using hot glue to adhere them to the foam. I then used clippers to shave there hair shorter in places. I plan on continuing working in large scale and creating more of these busts. It was SO much fun to work on!



  1. I was at city arts last night and the taxidermy bust was my favorite of the night.

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