Mechanical Cockatoo and Taxidermy Bust

August 9, 2011

I know I have been MIA again! I got bogged down with commissions, work, and life. However, I’ve been working on two pieces for a show I have coming up in September. The first is a Mechanical Cockatoo in the same vein as the toucan. This one will hopefully have a moving jaw, with red lights for the eyes and along the sides.

The next is a faux taxidermy bust based off my friend Nicholas Boyd’s painting. It was sculpting in EPS foam, apoxie sculpt, and crayola model magic. He will be finished with blue fur and attached to a plaque. It was a great warm up to foam sculpting. I am hoping to get started with the foam sculpting on the forest emperor project this weekend, actually!



  1. This is going to be awesome! I personally find taxidermy quite an art! Can’t wait to see your progress updates 🙂

  2. Hey! Exciting new projects! I look forward to seeing more of your progress.
    I’m also curious about how you plan the inside of your Cockatoo. I couldn’t quite tell exactly how hollow your Toucan was.

  3. I am hoping to make an update soon showing the process. The birds are completely hollow to hold the electronics and to keep them lightweight. The initial skeleton almost looks like the main structure of a boat! And then I wrap the wire mesh around that. It takes a lot of thought and planning, not my favorite part of the process for sure!

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