2 Weeks Left!

March 25, 2011

Visit www.theForestEmperor.com for full details on this project.

13 days to go, and $1840 of the funds left to raise which is just over half. It’s amazing how far we’ve brought this in these past few weeks, but we aren’t there yet! Please help in any way you can. Remember, pledges start at just $1 and you get rewarded for any amount you give. Your card will not be charged until April 8th, after the project is fully funded.

Again, feel free to spread the word about the project through passing on the Kickstarter information page, the project facebook page, and the flier image that I uploaded last week.

I am starting to prepare the new project blog that will be unveiled after the project is funded. It’s going to be packed full of information, photos, and links detailing all the materials I am using and where to buy them. I will also be going over my entire process in depth, with detailed progress photos. You will be hard pressed to find information like this anywhere else on the web!

The project has been getting some great press! I am honored to be featured :

Interview with 3D Artist Magazine, in print in the April 2011 issue

Feature on I Heart Chaos, written and submitted by my husband Joe

Your support will make the Emperor a reality. Thank you so much!


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