Completed Forest Spirit

January 11, 2010


He is finally finished and photographed, hooray! This guy has been about three months in the making. I have progress photos posted a few entries back for those of you that are new. This guy is sculpted out of a mix of Super Sculpey and Sculpey Firm over a rather intricate wire armature. The leaves are a fabric paper that I punched out with a leaf shaped punch. I then added in variations with paint and bending. The fine parts of the branches were done with floral tape and a few dry brush coats over top.

This guy is second in a series. Some of you may remember my original forest spirit that I did a few years back. I will be doing a spring and winter version in the future, just not any time soon. They all protect the forests and are docile creatures unless someones threatens their home. I will be modeling this guy in Maya soon and he will hopefully be rigged and animated by my friends! How cool will that be!



  1. Wow. That is incredible!

  2. Wonderful!

  3. Absolutely beautiful. I really love the details, particularly the scales and jutting lower teeth. These sculptures are truly wonderful to see.

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