A Few Current Projects

December 28, 2009

My new year’s resolution is to stay back on top of this blog once again!

I’ve have been working on a lot of stuff lately, some of it which I cannot show unfortunately. However, here are a few projects that I am working on right now. The whale is a character that I designed for a friend on mine. After I create the maquette for him, Jessica Dunbar will be modeling him. In turn, she is creating character concept art for me to model! It’s a fun project so far. We are hoping to create a final render with both characters in a scene, as they will be from the same world. We shall see how it goes!

The polar bear model is close to being done. He doesn’t have any teeth or a tongue yet. Originally, he was going to be for a Christmas tree ornament at work, as we have a 3D printer. I didn’t really get it done in time though. Maybe I can have him printed for next year! He was modeled in Maya and then I brought him in to zBrush to do the fur.

The Autumn Dragon is complete at long last! Photos will be coming soon! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and happy new year!


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