More Autumn Tree Dragon

October 28, 2009

I thought I would post some progress since I haven’t updated in a while. Here are some photos of him before and after the textures. I am still refining the texture a bit more, as well as the shapes of the branches. The final piece will include leaves too as well as a fully detailed base. Still tweaking the pose a bit too, not 100% happy with it. Comments are welcome!

I’ve been working a lot in Maya lately, learning more about modeling and texturing. I am hoping to have more to show soon. I want to finish my model of Dezzi as well as my Heman/Battle Cat zBrush piece. But I will also be modeling the Tree Dragon. It’s going to be a huge project involving some of my coworkers. Mike Corinella has been so kind as to agree to rigging him. Then, I just have to bribe someone else to get him animated. I am really excited about that.

I have really been enjoying working digitally since I started using Maya more. Surprisingly, I like it a lot better than zBrush. I am still waiting to work with zBrush 3.5 though. zSpheres look like they make so much more sense now to us traditional sculptors.


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