SDCC Home Stretch

July 7, 2009

Just over two weeks left before I head out to San Diego. I’ve been getting all my work done on schedule, and I should be good to go with a little time to spare before I get on a plane on the 22nd (at 6:30am, much to my dismay!)

The Wolverine casts are coming along nicely! Unfortunately, the metal powder wasn’t working out and I don’t have the time/money to experiment with it right now. My husband has been casting these for me since I am super allergic to the casting resins when they are in liquid form. So that makes it even harder to experiment when I am shouting instructions from the other side of the house! Anyways, we went with plain resin and I’ve been painting them up to look like pewter. It is working out well. I’ll have some photos of the Wolverine army later on, haha. I have some photos of the unpainted casts too, they look so weird.

I printed out some test samples of the box packaging I did for these and that looks nice too. I should have a nice little package to give out when it’s all done! Today I finished up the last of my portfolios. I did 50 total, 5 of which I gave out to a few people already. The other 45 are coming with me to SDCC.


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