June 18, 2009

Sorry I haven’t posted much lately. Most of what I have been doing isn’t all that exciting…getting portfolios printed up for comic-con, researching and contacting companies I am interested in talking to, messing around in Maya trying to get the hang of things, and my day job too of course!

I became impatient and decided to start another sculpture, even though I told myself I would only work on 3D from now until comic-con. I’ve been wanting to do a piece for a friend of mine for a while. Nina Matsumoto/Space Coyote is an awesome artist who is the author of the Yokaiden manga. I am currently sculpting this piece from her book. I love all the little details, colors, and character! I love trying to match someone else’s style with my sculpture so this has been fun thus far.

As usual, sorry for the crappy photos. Even more so this time because the angle is SO off that the skull looks much smaller than it is in real life. I have the scale a lot closer to the drawing than it looks in these photos. Hamachi looks like a frog boy right now, that entertains me 🙂 But so far, I am just getting the positioning and most basic forms in. Next, I will start layering on the clothing and details.


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