I Love Molds. But Not Really….

June 12, 2009

I got to work on my Wolverine mold last night. I used Smooth-On Oomoo30, and ended up using the whole container! Here are some progress photos of how I made the mold.

I make my mold boxes using 1/4″ foam core. I start by measuring out each side of the box, leaving a little space on each side of the sculpture. You don’t want the edges of the box to be too close to the edges of the sculpture or else you will get weak spots in your mold from where the rubber is too thin. I cut the pieces out using a metal straight edge and a box cutter, and tape them together with masking tape. You have to make sure you seal the inside and outside edges with tape so that the rubber doesn’t leak. I actually ran out of masking tape when I was making this so I used a little scotch tape too which ended up working just fine! I then used Super Glue to fix Wolverine in place at the bottom of the mold box. I spray the inside of the mold with Universal Mold Release so it the rubber won’t stick to the figure.

Then the fun starts! The rubber gets mixed 50/50. I use the small cups to measure out each part and then mix them together in a larger cup. Once they are blended, I pour them into another cup to do the final mixing. Then, I pour the rubber into the box. MAGIC! It’s a tiring process. You have to make sure the rubber is mixed very well, and you don’t want to mix too much at one time. So I mixed three batches of rubber for this particular mold….and my neck was screaming at me after wards. FUN!

This morning, the rubber seemed to have cured well. I won’t know for sure until I fully demold, but I am confident that it turned out ok. Here’s hoping the casting goes smoothly!

I also have a photo of all the pages of my 8×10 portfolio. The paper instructions said to let it dry for a week (!!) after printing before putting it in an album. That paper is expensive so I am not taking any chances! I should be able to put them away this weekend!

My kitchen looked like easter after all that colorful rubber going everywhere!!!


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