This Has Been a Productive Week!

June 5, 2009


I finished up Wolverine tonight. He is about 4 inches tall and done in Sculpey Firm. I will be giving out casts at Comic*Con next month. I am going to design boxes for them this month.

I am casting him in resin with nickel powder for a pewter look. I will be using Smooth-On products to cast, used them for years. Here is what the process looks like. And don’t worry, I will do my own step by step photos for this project! My husband will be taking on a lot of the work because I am horribly allergic to casting resins when they are in liquid form. I break out in hives for a month with the tiniest exposure, even fully covered. EW!

I have been working on portfolio stuff the last couple of days. I am printing out a few pages for my large portfolio tonight. I have a good prototype done for my small hand-out portfolios, now I am just waiting on paper samples. I went through 2 types of paper all ready with no luck. I am ordering some top quality stuff from Inkpress.com so hopefully one of those will work out for me.

I worked a little on my website design tonight too. My husband is nearly done coding my new site, yay! Nothing TOO big changing…a few small design elements and a more organized/simplified gallery. I am linking my news updates to my Twitter as well. I feel so modern!


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