Dexter’s Done!!

June 2, 2009


My husband retook these photos 1000 times last night (at my request because I am annoying like that!) Getting skin tone to look “correct” in photos is very difficult. It’s hard enough to paint to begin with, but then the lighting adds a whole other pain.

The blood splatter turned out different than I had originally envisioned, but I like it alright! There are so many layers of paint that make up the skin tone I can’t even tell you. I would guess at least a few dozen thin layers. I learned a lot about painting true color rather than shadows/highlights. This is a must with skin tone.

I learned so much in this piece. It makes me want to do more busts so I can work more on likenesses. I think I will try to do one every few months, even if it isn’t quite this big. I’ve learned I really enjoy working on a larger scale because of all the detail I can fit into a piece….and I love how it forces me to pay attention to small details that I might have overlooked when doing a larger sculpture.

Wolverine is close to being finished too, just a few more adjustments.



  1. VERY cool! The detail is phenomenal!

  2. What an amazing piece. The texture of the skin is remarkable.

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