May 11, 2009


….creepy! But Dexter is happy because he has shoulders now! By the way, I put my sculptures in the freezer sometimes when the clay gets soft and I am trying to do fine detailing. It’s in the 90’s in Florida right now, so I had to pop Dexter in the freezer a few times this weekend as I was working on him. I’ve done more tweaking on him since this photo. The changes keep getting smaller and smaller. I will upload some real progress photos tomorrow. I didn’t get around to working on Wolvie this weekend afterall. I need to get cracking on him soon here!

My husband and I finally got around to getting a new printer. It arrived on Friday. So far, it seems great. I need to try some high quality printing on it and see what happens. I will be printing all my portfolios with this guy so hopefully it prints decently. We went with this Canon MP620. Wireless printing is awesome 🙂


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