Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day

April 29, 2009

I thought I had taken some more progress photos before I baked and primed this guy, but apparently I did not! Anyways, you can see here after the first baking, the hands were still left off. I baked him when his anatomy was done, and then sculpted the armor. I bake him again and then did the hands and staff. That last step was the most difficult part; hands are very hard, even with a ton of reference. I am pretty happy with it as far as first attempts go, but I hope to better myself a lot with each sculpture.

I threw in some photos of how I did the base because I know some people (like me!) like to see that sort of thing. I started with a wood base which I painted a flat brown. I painted on a thin layer of elmer’s glue and sprinkled on the sandy-type stuff. Once that dried, I glued down some of the “turf” in random spots and used hair spray to keep it from being too poofy. I found some small rocks outside and glued them down so it looks like he is battling over a crumbled building or something.

I see my hits spiked yesterday, thanks guys! Please don’t feel shy, I love comments and critique.


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