April 27, 2009

Dexter is my favorite TV show! I love when the line between good and evil is blurred. And Michael C Hall is an awesome actor. So I decided to create Dexter in clay.

This year, I have dedicated myself to improving on my humans. With this project, I am developing my ability to create likenesses. I have just begun the blocking process where I am creating the basic forms and proportions. There is a lot more work ahead, no likeness at all just yet. I tend to get all the anatomy down first and then start tweaking it to get it closer and closer to the likeness I am looking for. I am using a mixture of Super Sculpey and Sculpey Firm for this piece.

I really enjoy working on a larger scale. It is much easier to incorporate details that are normally lost on smaller scale sculptures. I am hoping to incorporate skin pore textures into this one which should be interesting.

For those of you unfamiliar with the show, this is Dexter. I am working off this picture too.

I finished up painting my Roman warrior tonight, and I am just finishing up the base. I should have photos for you in a few days.


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