New Sculpture Uploaded

March 30, 2009

greek woman

I know, yet another long delay between uploads. This one took me a lot of research, redos, and just plain work. I picked a totally new subject matter of the female figure and drapery as well as a more classical look. This is my first complete female sculpture. I learned a lot about anatomy and feel like I will do even better on the next go.

My goal right now is to complete a portfolio ready sculpture every two months, so don’t expect frequent uploads. I am also trying to get things ready for comic con like a website overhaul, new business cards, a few promotional busts that i plan to hand out, as well as my portfolio packages.

I am also still learning zBrush on the side. It’s a lot to grasp, but I am catching on. I will have finished pieces posted eventually. Again, hopefully in time for comic con. My raptor zBrush model is pretty close to being done and I have a second one I’ve started. After comic con, I plan to start learning Maya too.

Thanks for watching!



  1. Wow, Emily! This is GORGEOUS! Her face is SO nice!

  2. Your best piece by far. Great improvements all around, specially with the face!

    If I were to nitpick it seems like the ears are a little too high (top of ear=eyebrow) but that may be from the photos

    Bronze paint was a nice touch too 🙂

  3. Wow, this looks fantastic! I am a huge fan of your work and it’s great to see such a different sort of sculpture from you–good luck with your goal of a sculpture every two months!

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