Progress Photos, Creepy Critter and Iorek

September 25, 2008

Here are more progress photos of the un-named character created by a student of mine. He is baked and primed now. He has glass eyes (yes, they are coming out of his mouth on stalks!). I also have a pair of dragon fly wings I made for him out of acetate. Pretty cool stuff, I can’t wait to see him painted and finished.

I started a large-ish sculpture of the ice bear Iorek from the Golden Compass. So far I’ve just gotten most of the basic blocking done. In the last picture, you can see where I am starting to figure out the armor. I still need to make his butt bigger, polar bears are weird looking!

I’ve been trying to learn zBrush lately, so my sculptures may slow down a little bit. But I am not stopping!!


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