New Sculpture Uploaded

August 18, 2008

Here is finished Abe!  Sorry for the delay and such.  I was out of town again for a week, then very busy with work last week, and I’ve been sick all weekend.  Still, I managed to get Abe painted and good to go!

I had forgotten how much I really dislike painting stripes or other such patterns.  It’s very tedious.  Though, it does pay off in the end!  I couldn’t find any good reference of Abe’s patterning on his back, so I sort of winged that.  Also, I realized too late that I left off all his fins.  Sorry to all the die hard Abe fans out there!

I bought a new bottle of gloss glaze yesterday at Joann’s.  It was $5, made by the newer “Fancy” Sculpey line.  I used it on Abe and it worked very well.  It goes on very smooth and dries nicely, no watering down required.  So if you are looking for a good gloss, I’d recommend that one for sure.


One comment

  1. The painted patterns look awesome, it was definitely worth all the time for those stripes. The gloss coating makes for a really nice effect in contrast with his shorts.

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