Work in Progress, Abe Sapien

August 1, 2008

Sorry for the lack of updates!  I have been busy crunching this week getting portfolios ready for my coworker to take with him to Siggraph in a few weeks.  I am leaving today on vacation and won’t be back until after he leaves so I had to be sure that was done.

I’ve also been working a lot on my Abe sculpture.  As you can see in the progress photos here, he’s gone through many stages of change.  When I first built the armature, I planned on having him in sort of a “backstroke” swimming pose, with his hand attached to the base.  Once I started applying clay though, I decided it looked to much like he was doing a hand plant and opted to go for the pose you see in the third and forth photos.

Abe’s face, while simple, gave me quite a challenge.  I resculpted his face about 3 times from scratch.  As you can see from above, I took a knife and just sliced off what I had done.  Sometimes it’s just better to start over than to work with what you have.  I did finally get his face to my liking.

But then another problem occured.  The foot that was attached to the base looked to much like it was dragging along the “floor”.  After hours of brainstorming, reworking, and frustration, I decided to have a support wire showing and kick his leg back a bit.  Sometimes you have to change your original plan to make the finished piece look good.

I’ve learned that swimming poses are exremely difficult to capture in sculpture form.  This was definitely another learning experience for me!  I can’t wait to paint this one, and give him a glossy coat.


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  1. Awesome, I love Abe 😀

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