Tumblr and Monsters

June 12, 2012

I have a new account over on Tumblr. Come visit me at emilysculpts.tumblr.com. I will be posting many of my work in progress updates there. I will still be using this blog, but for bigger news and announcements.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to add me on Facebook (facebook.com/emilySculpts). I am also regular on Twitter (twitter.com/emilySculpts).

One more bit of news for this week, I just paid for my table and am happy to announce that I will be returning to Monsterpalooza next year! I am looking forward to it already. I am also hoping to add another convention/show or two under my belt; I am keeping my eyes peeled.


New Works and a Poll Too

June 4, 2012

Sorry about skipping last week. I think the holiday weekend threw me off!

Here are the painted versions of the sculptures I showed in my last post as well as some new MLP sculptures.

I am currently running a poll over on my deviantArt page. Check it out and add your opinion about what you would like to see in an upcoming tutorial series I am planning. Some of you may remember the book I was writing several years ago. This is going to be a replacement for that of sorts. I will be posting many free basic tutorials online which will later be compiled and printed in book format. There will also be plenty of extras in the printed book that won’t be available online.


New Tree Dragon Busts and Some WIPs

May 21, 2012

I am happy to announce that my autumn tree dragon busts are now available in my Etsy shop! You can purchase one that is full assembled and painted, as pictured in the image above. Or if you are into DIY and model kit building, you can purchase a kit. Head on over to my shop to buy one today.

This past week, I have been working on a few sculptures that I owe my Kickstarter backers. The first one is a jungle tree dragon, which I am hoping to paint with tree frog-like patterns. He is much smaller than my other tree dragon sculptures, so I couldn’t get quite as much detail in him as I would have liked. But I sorta like him this way too, at the same time.

The second sculpture is a little bunny snacking on a dandelion. This was really fun to sculpt because it’s pretty different from what I normally do these days. When I was sculpting him, I felt like I was making a mold for a chocolate bunny!!

One more announcement this week. I now have a Facebook page. Head on over there and click “like” to get the latest updates from my studio.


Commissions Now Open

May 14, 2012

I am happy to say that my husband and I are moved in to our new home in MD.  I am also happy to announce that commissions are now open!  Click the image below to go to my website and start an order.

I am also taking commissions for custom My Little Pony : Friendship is Magic figures.  These are not customized toys, but are built from scratch sculptures.  Available for low introductory prices for a limited time.  Click the image below to learn more about these special sculptures.


Times Are a Changin’

April 3, 2012

Many things are changing for me right now. My husband got a new job in Washington DC and we will be relocating there in several weeks. This means leaving my current job at Full Sail which I’ve held for five and a half years. It is a welcome change (aside from the fact that we have to leave Florida to do so) but of course very scary, especially since I don’t have a new job lined up just yet. However, I am hoping to have some more time to work on my art for a little while. This means commissions and more sculpture sales in the near future!

I am also hoping to start updating this blog weekly, with what I am currently working on. Once again I’ve fallen into the habit of neglecting this blog! Some updates will be bigger than others, but I am hoping to have something artistic to share every Monday.

Just a few plugs before I share what I am working on this week. I will be at Monsterpalooza next weekend in the dealer’s hall. I am at booth 27 and will have several things for sale including buttons, mini sculptures, a few originals, and my brand new tree dragon busts. Please stop by and say hello if you are planning on attending.

If you haven’t been by my Etsy store, head over there and check out what I have for sale. I am selling off a lot of my old convention stock, most (if not all) of which will never be produced again. I have already sold out of a few things so buy yours now before they are all gone!

Now onto this weeks art! I have been working with a lot of low poly modeling and hand painted textures lately. If you click over to my website, you can see several recent examples. I am trying to branch out into different techniques as well as subject matter. I picked my Parrot Island series back up and am getting around to texturing calvin now.

There he is inside Maya! I did the textures 90% in 3D Coat, 10% in Photoshop. I am now in the process of texturing his accessories. I will then be matching the pose that you see in the side bar in the image below.

Hoping to finish this up by the end of the week. Then it’s on to his toucan counterpart!


New society6 Store

January 22, 2012

Click the image to check out my new store!!


All Kinds of Projects

December 29, 2011

Many things have been in the works lately! I just got finished with a show at Substance Gallery here in Orlando. I did these 3 mechanical song birds for that. They are each mounted on a wood box and their eyes light up when the button is depressed. I am hoping to do more shows in 2012, with a few already scheduled for the first half of the year.

I also finally have the finished photos of the taxidermy bust. I am happy with how he turned out and hope to do more like it in the future. I really love working on a large scale and have all but abandoned Sculpey!

I am also still continuing to work on my 3D, focusing more on texturing now. Here is a mostly finished shot of Glicky (the pterodactyl) inside zBrush. Also, I started working on my Parrot Island stuff in 3D. Here is Calvin close to being ready for textures.

Next year will bring many new things! I plan on venturing more into large scale sculpture, texture painting, and art shows. I will be attending Monsterpalooza in April and am excited to meet so many other creature artists. I will have a table there and will be selling a few model kits based off my tree dragons.

Stay tuned for more!